Doolin Cave celebrates 70th anniversary since its discovery

Doolin Cave (i:Pol an Ionain) celebrates 70th anniversary since its discovery


Doolin Cave is celebrating its 70th anniversary, marking 7 decades after its discovery by cavers, Brian Varley and Mike Dickenson in 1952. Unveiling a commemorative plaque, Helen & John Browne, Proprietors of Doolin Cave Visitor Centre, presented Brian Varley with the plaque which is dedicated to both Brian and Mike to honour their hard work which led to the great discovery. 

Speaking at the presentation, Helen Browne said “We are honoured to have Brian Varley (UK) return to the cave to unveil a plaque dedicated to him and Mike Dickenson. Brian is celebrating his 90th birthday this year, and what better way to mark it than another great adventure across the Irish sea. We would like to thank Brian and his family for attending this intimate gathering, and for making the day so special and memorable”

Jennie Browne, General Manager at Doolin Cave commented “Without Brian Varley and Mike Dickenson’s incredible discovery back in 1952 we would not be able to show the public the geological wonder that is the Great Stalactite – the only one of its kind in Ireland. We hope to continue to educate and inspire future generations about the wonder of nature, and what can be hidden right beneath our feet.”

Doolin Cave offers underground guided tours to the Great Stalactite – as part of the cave tour, visitors will be brought into the main chamber in complete darkness, re-enacting the environment faced by Varley and Dickenson in 1952. The guide will then switch on the cave lighting to reveal the Great Stalactite – at 7.3 metres long and weighing around 10 tonnes, it is the largest stalactite in Europe. 

70 Years On… Photos from the presentation

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