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Welcome to a natural classroom born millions of years ago in Ireland’s geologically rich Burren region. 

Discover Doolin Cave, an extraordinary underground caving experience in the Burren, County Clare. Take a fully guided tour of one of Europe’s most compelling cave attractions, and go over 200 feet under the limestone of the Burren landscape. Doolin Cave is a great day out for groups of all ages and interests.

Taking a school tour or university field trip to Doolin Cave is a great educational and fun day out. A tour of Doolin Cave is suitable for those studying specific subjects such as geography, science or geology or for those looking to escape the classroom to see this natural wonder first hand. Our fully guided cave tours are tailored to the junior and leaving certificate syllabus for school tours and we can provide a handout and worksheets to ensure that students gain maximum benefit from their tour.

Some of the topics that are covered on the tour include:


The dramatic landscape of The Burren makes a great case study. Students can consider the effect of water on the landscape by learning about the formation of the Burren, the caves and the calcite structures within them including Europes largest stalactite, "the Great Stalactite".
It is not just the physical processes that could be studied but also the land use related to economic activity, changes in agriculture and industry, and the protection of the natural landscape.

Geology & Earth Science

All the landscape you can see around The Burren has been created by water during hundreds of millions of years.
Students can consider the chemical and physical processes of the geological activity that has resulted in the formation of the caves and calcite structures.

Wildlife & Ecology

The Burren is a Site of Special Scientific Interest within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It is also a Special Area of Conservation for protected species. Encouraging students to take the time to look means they can appreciate the vast variety of flora and fauna. Mosses and Lichens add colour to the limestone rocks. Ledges are home to indigenous flora. The pine marten and peregrine falcons are just some of the animal species that inhabit the Burren.
For a memorable way to learn geography be sure to include…
A fully guided tour of Doolin Cave and The Nature Trail

Our experienced guides can offer talks on a range of topics including geography and geology. We are very flexible so if you have a different topic in mind get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Free Familiarisation Visit

We strongly encourage all teachers to visit in advance of their school coming. The site has a number of attractions which are best experienced for effective planning. You may also be able to discuss your visit with Education staff, subject to availability. Request your free visit when you make your booking.
Please note: Any adults/children accompanying teachers on a familiarisation visit will be expected to pay normal admission prices.


Ample coach parking available
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