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Doolin Cave  Farmland Nature Trail

The trail takes visitors to the original cave entrance set in a magical glade. Along the way you will encounter some farm animals including rare breeds of cattle, pygmy goats and Soay and Jacob sheep, ducks and chickens. There are beautiful views of the glacial valley and Ballinalacken Castle from the hillside. It is an opportunity to take a relaxing stroll through the peaceful surroundings of Doolin Cave among indigenous woodland plants, trees and wildflower meadows. Soak up the peaceful surroundings on the limestone seating along the way.

Use the key discovery points along this gentle walking trail to learn about the Burren overground with deep insights to the formation of the landscape and indigenous Burren flowers. The Burren is the only place on the planet where alpine, arctic and medditerranean plants grow side-by-side The nature trail at Doolin Cave also has magnificent views of the surrounding Doolin and Burren landscape stretching as far as the 12 pins in Connemara making for super photo opportunities.


During the development of the cave, we had to make sure that we didn’t interfere with the growth of the stalactite. Professor John Gunn of Birmingham University in England has monitored the cave climate over the last few years to ensure that there were no negative impacts from the development.

The temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide are regularly monitored and this is the reason that our visitor numbers are strictly limited as large numbers of people could also alter the cave climate.

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