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Doolin Cave Highlights 2013

Doolin Cave Highlights 2013

Doolin Cave recieve a gold award

Doolin Cave received a gold award from Eco-tourism Ireland for standards of excellence in sustainable tourism. Jennie and Helen Browne were delighted to accept the award from Mary Mulvey of Eco-tourism Ireland. The Burren are leading the way in Ireland toward becoming a sustainable destination, the International Sustainable Tourism Conference took place in the Falls Hotel, Ennistymon, Co. Clare in October 2013. Click here for details on the event.

Clare Become All-Ireland Hurling Champs!

Clare won the All-Ireland Hurling Champioship. After a gripping reply against All-Ireland Rivals Cork, Clare was victorious beating the Rebels 5-16 to 3-16. Young Clare hurler, Shane O Donnell, scored an astounding 3-03 from play. Click here to see the gripping action.


The Gathering Ireland 2013

To celebrate the Gathering Ireland 2013 Doolin Cave hosted “A Sense of Ireland in Song and Story”, a performance of songs and stories about Ireland and the local Burren and Doolin area performed by local actors Gerry Howard and Kate Daly. Tourists and locals alike gathered in Doolin Cave visitor centre to see the dynamic duo in action. Gerry and Kate had the audience laughing and crying and laughing again during their magnificent performance.

Burren Christmas Gift Guide

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas from the Burren

We have taken the hassle out of your Christmas shopping by putting together a great Christmas gift guide full of great gifts from the Burren. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for Granny or a great gift for your brother, sister, husband, wife, Mam, Dad, daughter or son, this Christmas gift guide will have something special to offer.

Doolin Cave Pottery

Doolin Cave pottery is handmade using glacial clay found deep within Doolin Cave by Caireann Browne.
Contact Caireann on facebook
or visit her at the Ennistymon Christmas market on Sunday 15th December.

The Burren Perfumery

Perfect for Mum…The Burren perfumery offer a selection of handmade perfumes, creams, balms, body care products, soaps and oils made in their beautiful facility in the heart of the Burren. The products are available on their website and through mail order. 

The Burren Smokehouse

Perfect for the in-laws….The Burren Smokehouse uses a unique smoking process to produce the finest quality organic smoked salmon. They also produce smoked trout and mackerel and have a range of other local produce available. The products are available online and in the visitor centre in Lisdoonvarna.

Clare Jam Shop

Perfect for Granny and Granddad….David and Vera Muir produce a wide range of delicious homemade preserves from their idyllic cottage shop in Doolin, just north of the Cliffs of Moher. Strawberry champagne and Connemara whiskey are among the flavours on offer. The Clare Jam Company preserves are widely stocked throughout the West of Ireland and in Dublin. Contact 065-7074778 for further details.

Adventure Burren

Perfect for the boys….Adventure Burren is an all year round adventure centre offering exhilarating walks, trails, hikes and climbs throughout the magical Burren landscape. Adventure Burren guide Christy is a qualified mountain leader, rock climbing instructor and trained in mountain first aid so your loved ones will be in safe hands. Contact Adventure Burren now to organise a voucher on +353 872244569 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Log onto for more information.

Burren Gold Cheese

Perfect for the neighbours….Burren Gold Cheese is produced in the Ailwee mountains of the Burren at Ailwee Cave. The cheese is available in several flavours including cumin, black pepper, garlic and nettle and piri-piri. Burren Gold has a firm texture and a unique creamy flavour. Burren Gold is available online and in the farm shop at the Ailwee Cave.

North Clare Sea Kyaking

Perfect for the adventurer….Based in Doolin, Patrick O Regan and his wife Kelly give exciting guided kayaking trips around the Burren and North Clare. Recently they have also launched Burren Way Mountain Bike tours offering adrenaline-charged mountain biking trips around Clare. Visit the website to purchase vouchers for North Clare Sea Kyaking and Burren Way Mountain Bike tours

Burren Eco-tourism Network

Burren Eco-tourism Network

For further gift ideas and details on Christmas markets in the Burren, check out the Burren Eco-tourism Network


Helen's Blog - Doolin Cave Farmland Nature Trail

Helen's Blog - Planting A Magical Woodland on Doolin Cave Nature Trail

At the moment we are busy transforming the driveway to Doolin Cave into a magical woodland. A new delivery of trees has just arrived from our friends at None so Hardy forestry ltd. so we are busy planting on the nature trail. We have chosen a selection of native varieties  of trees that will transform the driveway to Doolin Cave into a mini magical forest. I will be very excited to be reporting on their progress over the next few months and years. The native species of trees that we have chosen for our magical woodland drive way include whitethorn, hazel, wild cherry. guelder rose, willow, silver birch and rowan tree/mountain ash.

White Thorn or Hawthorn can be found planted in hedges throughout Ireland. In May it produces a sweet smelling blossom, replaced in late autumn by vibrant red haws that colour the bare branches. White thorn is a great food source for hungry birds in the winter.

Hazel is a native Irish species that has had many uses throughout history. Hazel nuts were one of the primary food sources for the earliest mesolithic human settlements in Ireland and it branches were used to make huts,fences and in the construction of eel and lobster pots. Hazel scrub thrives in limestone rich areas, it covers extensive areas of the Burren landscape.

Wild Cherry - these pretty little trees were once grown in rural gardens and orchards throughout Ireland. It has beautiful white or pale pink flower in autumn followed by hanging cherries and nice colourful leaves in autumn.

Guelder Rose also known as the Snowball bush due to the large white flowers that appear on the tree in Spring. The guelder flower develops clusters of bright red berries from September to October that provide an important food source for small birds. 

Willow - there are several species of willow that are native to Ireland. Willow provides an important food source for insect eating birds in summer as it is an "insect rich" species.

Silver Birch is a particularly attractive tree in winter with its delicate silvery bark. Silver birch was commonly used for developing walkways across wet soil or boglands in ancient times. It makes a great ornamental tree as it does not grow too large.

Rowan Tree - also commonly known as mountain ash is an attractive tree that adds vibrant colour throughout the woodlands of Ireland. It is a great food source for birds during the winter and they will often become territorial, protecting the rich red berries from other birds.

Christmas at Doolin Cave

Merry Christmas from Doolin Cave

To Celebrate Christmas we are giving every visitor complimentary mulled wine, spiced hot apple cider, Christmas cake, mince pies and sweets and treats for the kids!

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Helen's Blog

      Helen's Blog - Doolin Cave Nature Trail update

The Farmland Nature Trail at Doolin Cave has taken over most of my time and is an unexpected source of joy and peace!  But, boy is it hard work!                                                             


Our sheep cattle goats and sheep are all doing very well and most of the work goes into planting and maintenance of the nature trail.

 We have now planted more than 200 hundred trees, mostly natives. The most successful trees are the alders, they are fast-growing, don’t mind wet soil and are very resistant to the predominantly salt-laden, south-westerly winds from the Atlantic, I can highly recommend them for West of Ireland conditions. We have also planted oak, ash, rowan, silver birch, horse-chestnut, apple trees and just one arbutus which, after looking decidedly unhappy for a year or so has now decided it likes its new home.

We planted some specimen trees in front of the visitor centre and sad to say, none of them survived. We tried cedars, twisted hazelnut, weeping willow and laburnum but, one by one they gave up the ghost and decided it was too wet and windy. Expensive mistakes, every one! But we have learned a lesson and now, with a few exceptions, mostly go for native trees that have always survived in this area.

We have bought all our trees bare-rooted in the autumn or spring from ‘None so Hardy’ Forestry Ltd and find them very reliable and excellent value for money.


Best of the Wild West